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Proclamation of Faith

"At this Time I would like to clarify who My LORD and My God is,

to whom I serve. He is the LORD God Almighty!

Maker of heaven and earth and everything that is made.

He is All-Powerful! He is the Most High God! He has all authority!

And He loved the world so much that He sent His only begotten Son

to die for us so that we might live to serve and worship Him

in Spirit and in Truth.

And to prove to Satan, that only the LORD God Jehovah

is All-Powerful; He raised Jesus from the dead.

And death had no more power over Him.

To all that believe in their heart that God was able

by His Mighty Power to do that, and confess Him as LORD,

will be saved from the wrath that is to come

on all the children of disobedience.


Jesus Christ won the Victory!

And He is my Master! And He is my LORD!

And because I have been obedient to Him and to the Testimony of Jesus Christ, He has anointed me with His Holy Spirit.

Praise the Holy Name of Jesus!


I would also like to clarify who my God’s adversary is:

He’s that old Serpent, who is the Devil, and Satan

who hates my God and His saints.

He is a very powerful foe!

He is the second highest power!

And He has much authority here on earth.

He can kill! He can steal! He can destroy people’s lives!

And that is his primary objective. And his target is God’s people!  You may not be able to see him,

but he works in the children of disobedience.

So don’t under-estimate his abilities.

And don’t think for a minute that he won’t try any way

he can to get to you.

He is very sly, wily, crafty, and cunning.

And he uses underhanded and calculated methods

to secretly introduce his lies and deceptions.

And He Can Only Operate in Darkness!

For the most part people do not give Satan credit

for many of the things that he does.

And he prefers it that way.

He masquerades as a Christian.

He pretends he loves the Lord Jesus.

He pretends he serves the Lord Jesus.

He claims he would die for the Lord Jesus.

And he uses unholy men to make these proclamations

through the spirit of anti-Christ!

He has deceived many people.

And he is working very hard these days

because he knows his time is coming to a close very soon.

You will know that is true

because the world will get more and more wicked

as you see the Day approaching.


Most people don’t acknowledge God or give Him credit

for what He does either.

You may not be able to see Him,

but He works in the children of obedience.

So don’t under-estimate His Power and abilities either.

And don’t think for a minute that He won’t save those that truly love and belong to Him.

He is very loving, kind, gentle, compassionate, merciful,

and so forgiving. He is truly an awesome God!

He uses honesty, sincerity, and Truth to present Himself to us.

And there is only One Way that He can come into your life.

That Doorway is Yeshua HaMashiach! Jesus, The Christ!

And He Can Only Operate In the Light!"


This Profession of Faith, dated 8 May 1993, is also referenced in

“Walking With The Enemy: A Testimony” by C. Read.

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