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"Promise Keepers"

Much has been reported over the years about this "men's movement," and without going into all the details, it is a heretical, anti-Christian "ministry to men," that was initially organized by an unholy man who was a devout Roman Catholic, who did not keep his promises, according to his own testimony... This man, his chosen leadership, and his "ministers" are connected to the "Toronto Blessing," "Pensacola Revival," and other demonic manifestations that men falsely claim to be of God, unless of course their "god" is "that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world:" (Revelation 12:9)


The following letter will also shed some much needed "Light"

 on the Darkness behind the "Promise Keepers."

            1 October 1997 / 1 Tishri 5758

I really wish that the whole world could be warned about the event that is scheduled to take place in Washington D.C. this coming Sabbath on 4 October 1997. I would especially like to warn the innocent victims who have been swept up in this “movement”.

I truly believe that there are many honest and sincere people who are involved with “Promise Keepers” yet if they really knew the truth they would have nothing to do with it.

Two of the major promoters of this “event” is Dr. Donald E. Wildmon, president and founder of the American Family Association and the American Family Radio Station ~WAFR based out of Tupelo, Mississippi; along with fellow advocate Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family, based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

I Am very certain that “Promise Keepers” is rooted in everything that is wicked and evil! And even though they use the name of Jesus to attract those who follow Christ, it is something to be extremely cautious of. God said that many would come in His name and deceive many, and that is what this “movement” is all about.

Please seriously consider the following excerpts from an article entitled “The Vineyard” by A. J. Dager. “It’s no secret that Vineyard adherents comprise the top leadership of Promise Keepers. This includes founder Bill McCartney, president Randy Phillips, as well as their pastor James Ryle, who helped found and continues to help guide Promise Keepers. Ryle is pastor of Boulder Valley, Colorado Vineyard and a Vineyard “prophet.”

If you are unfamiliar with “Vineyard Churches” or this movement who’s “apostle” and “prophet” is John Wimber consider an additional quote from the same article by Mr. Dager. (“The Vineyard” © 1996 Media Spotlight) [Please note: John Wimber died a month and half after this event of a brain hemorrhage on November 17, 1997, at age 63.]

“A phenomenon that has swept through many Vineyard churches is that known as “holy laughter”. In brief, many churches are reporting spontaneous, uncontrollable laughter erupting from their congregations, even during times of solemn ceremony or messages from the pulpit.

Some report uncontrollable weeping, falling to the floor in ecstatic trances, and animal noises such as barking like dogs and roaring like lions. Some stagger and reel like drunken people, unable to walk a straight line. For simplicity’s sake, all these have come to be called “holy laughter” since laughter is the pre-eminent phenomenon displayed... Holy laughter was imported into the United States and Canada from South Africa through one Rodney Howard-Browne. But the major impetus for the worldwide spread of the movement erupted in 1994 at the Toronto Airport Vineyard in Toronto, Canada, pastored by John Arnott.”

One great and dreadful day of the LORD all “men” will give an account to Almighty God for who and what they chose to affiliate themselves with while on this earth, but God will especially hold the “men” mentioned in this letter responsible for the untold damage to those who have been adversely influenced by them.

I pray that God will truly have mercy on all those who have sincerely been deceived into thinking that this is some great “move of God”; but for all those who are purposefully seeking to mislead and destroy innocent people my prayer is that the LORD God Almighty will do unto them, what they seek to do unto others.

If you would like a more comprehensive and detailed account of the “Vineyard” movement you can write to Media Spotlight at P.O. Box 2947 ~ Redmond, WA 98073-2947 for more information on any of this, including a recent report on the “Pensacola Revival” which is directed related to the “holy laughter” movement, which is also known as the “Toronto Blessing” or “Toronto Outpouring...”

If there was ever a Time to call on the name of the LORD, the Time is now! May the LORD God Almighty truly bless you with His peace that passes understanding as you walk with Him in the True Light!



A servant of the Most High God,

C. Read

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