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18 December 2014 / 26 Kislev 5775

2nd Day of the Festival of Lights


I am very certain that this is a special season to the LORD God Almighty, and He proved it to me once again after I attended the most moving and reverential graduation ceremony I have ever witnessed! It was as if we were in a true worship service for the LORD!

The ceremony was only for the nursing students, one of which was my lovely daughter. It ended with the graduating students standing facing the audience in a darkened auditorium, while they held a candle that one of their instructors had just lit for them, as we were listening to the most beautiful song entitled, “Go Light Your World,” by Chris Rice.

That song exemplifies the True Light and what this ministry is all about, and that event I had the honor and privilege of attending yesterday was made even more memorable for me since it was the first day of the Festival of Lights, aka the Feast of Dedication. (See John 10:22-23.)

Sadly, so many Christians are holding a candle without a flame, but they truly believe they are walking with God. The Enemy would like us to believe that Jesus just "moved into the neighborhood" when He came to this earth some 2000 years ago, as Mr. Peterson claims in his "message," but that wondrous event is much more than any of us can truly fathom!

Jesus was only a visitor in this world, and He never called it His home. He came for one purpose, and now it is our responsibility (those who follow Christ) to share His message with a lost and dying world. And it is only by "the preaching of the cross" that God will give us power to make a genuine and eternal difference in the lives of others!

I hope and pray that God will send forth His laborers into the harvest to give hope to "the hopeless, confused, and torn;" comfort to "the lonely, tired, and worn;" and help to "the helpless, deceived, and poor!"

May the Spirit of Christ send His fire to ignite your candle for all to see, so God can use you as a beacon to carry His Light "in darkest times!" And then you can "Take your candle and go light your world!"

I Am come to send fire on the earth; and what will I,

if it be already kindled? Luke 12:49


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