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The Storm Passed us By

29 August 2012 / 12 Elul 5772


It has been seven years since Katrina hit,

and we were bracing for Isaac Today, but thankfully God spared us.

The following is from a previous message that I wrote,

and may God bless you through it.


My Little Justus

during Hurricane Katrina on

29 August 2005 / 24-25 AV 5765.



My youngest Son had just turned three

a month before the Storm hit.


My little Justus was trying to be so brave

when his oldest sister turned to take a picture of him

while he was standing beside me

in the doorway of our home on that Day.


The original picture is much clearer,

 but his eyes and face were red from crying,

and he was holding his lips real tight

to keep from crying in front of the camera.


He, along with his six year old brother,

was absolutely terrified when the trees started falling

all around us during the worst part

of the Storm.


They became visibly upset

when an over 100 foot pine tree

fell across our drive way and blocked us in,

and my little boys were begging me to call for help.


When another pine tree went through the roof and

water started pouring into the kitchen and a bedroom,

all seven of my children became quite disturbed.


It was then I realized that we could actually die in this Storm;

but I also had full confidence that ONLY if it was God's will.


My Husband had not been with us due to the war,

but two weeks later, soon before He was to arrive home,

my oldest daughter asked my little Justus,

"Are you going to tell daddy

that you were a big boy during the Storm?"


He hung his little head and looked to the ground,

and with an ashamed look on his face

he looked up and said,

"No, I was little."


Such a profound statement from the mouth of my baby!

He made me realize just how small all of us

really are in the sight of God!


I can honestly say

that fear was not with me

on that very devastating Day,

but only a great love and concern

for my dear children.


My response to the terror of the Storm

was to call upon the LORD;

and God's peace was noticeably with us.

I thank God that He heard my most earnest plea!


All of us NEED the LORD in our Lives,

and HE IS the only One who truly helped us

in the midst of that Storm.


God will use the trials and tribulations of this Life

to show us how we desperately need Him,

and I pray you won't reject His call!


God's love will forever live in those who live for Him,

but you must turn from your sin and worship only Him.

I hope you are truly looking to love and serve Him!


The Devil and his men will lead you into sin

and fill your heart with hate,

in order to separate you far away from God,

and those who love Him too.



so he can destroy your soul in Hell.

I Am pleading, don't give into his lies and deceit.


Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God,

IS the ONLY WAY to Heaven;

and He gave His Life so we could Live for all Eternity

in the presence of the Eternal King!


Blessed be the Name

of my LORD and Saviour,

Jesus Christ!


All praise, honor, glory, and power be unto the One

who sits upon the Throne! And unto the Lamb,

forever and ever Amen!


Addendum to this Message

Updated: 1 April 2013 / 21 Nisan 5773 / 6th Day of the Omer

The Last Day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread


I Am reminded of an encounter that one of my four daughters had with a woman who had come to our home to drop off some fresh vegetables.


My little Mary, who was also only three years old at the time, looked up at this woman whom she had never met before, and quite innocently asked, "Are you going to Heaven?"


The woman was totally taken aback at such a profound question coming from the mouth of my sweet baby, and all she could say was, "I hope so." And I Am sure that meeting had to be a "valley of decision" for her...


Joel 3:13-14 "Put ye in the sickle, for the harvest is ripe: come, get you down; for the press is full, the fats overflow; for their wickedness is great. Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision: for the Day of the LORD is near in the valley of decision."


I encourage you to go and read the whole passage from your Holy Bible to understand the significance of these Final Days in which we are living...

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