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God Still Speaks

Tuesday Devotional ~ 28 February 2017 / 3 Adar 5777

It was on this night, twenty-four years ago, that God actually spoke through me to those who had gathered together in my home for a Bible Study meeting. It was on that very memorable evening that God delivered me from the cult group that I had been a member of for three years. (Of course, at the time, I had no idea what I was involved with.)

Amazingly, the cult near Waco, Texas was also exposed on 28 February 1993. A local Christian radio station was interviewing Dr. David Breese (a prophecy and cult expert—now deceased) on 20 April 1993, the day after David Koresh and many of his followers were destroyed by the fire on that fateful day. Here is an excerpt from that interview when I called into the program.

“I was just wanting to mention that I had just been delivered from a cult. And actually it happened on 28 February 1993.”

“What took place? What kind of cult was this? Can you give the name of it, C.?”

“[It was a Bible study group.] I was with them a little over three years.”

“Dave, is there a question you would like to ask C., maybe to find out what kind of a cult this was?”

“Yeah, C., uh, first of all, I rejoice that you have been delivered.”

“Oh, me too. It’s wonderful, actually!”

“And I can tell by the sound of your voice that you thank God you weren’t beguiled totally and completely into this thing, but something of the clear word of God got to you so that you came to Christ. Right?”

“Oh, yeah!”

“That is a great testimony, C. I’d be interested to know, did someone come and preach, or did—”

“Oh, no. The Lord actually came down by His Spirit into my living room.”

“Do what?”

“It was a real fascinating experience.”

“Oh, my!”

“He, uh—it’s kind of a whole long story.”

“C., stop right there! Did you say someone, or something, came down and materialized in your living room?”

C. :
“The Holy Spirit manifested in a person and spoke. And that person happened to be me. And I hate to—I don’t hate to say me, but for some reason, it’s almost like I am boasting if I claim that the Lord actually spoke through me. But He did…He spoke in a very mighty way, and it happened that same day.

The main thing about it is that our leader, my ex-leader, was supposedly a very godly man. And it was through deception and seduction, and many things were involved.”

“C., can I encourage you, when we get through with our conversation with Dave Breese, to give him a telephone call at his ministry, and you all can discuss this?

I’m sure, Dave, you have some questions relative to what C. is talking about. And C., if you would jot down that telephone number and call Dave. We have another caller waiting, and since you said it’s a long story then maybe he can find time to discuss it with you.”


“And we’ll be happy to send this book, ‘The Marks of a Cult,’ to all who call and request it. So we will welcome your call.”

End of excerpt from Interview with Dr. David Breese

I did call Dr. Breese, and I went into detail about many things that took place during my time with the Bible study group. He was very intrigued and said God may use my experience as a ministry for others. At the time, I did not realize that God would have me develop a book that would explain how I was able to be deceived into thinking that I was walking with followers of the Lord Jesus Christ when, in truth, I was walking with the enemy.

I published my book, “Walking With the Enemy: A Testimony,” (now in the 5th Edition, which I call The Victory Edition, exactly two years later. I would like to share an excerpt from the first chapter, entitled "Churches."


This was such an unusual night, and when Ira saw me for the first time that evening she practically fell back and this shocked look came across her face. I asked her what was the matter, and she said, ‘Oh, nothing.’

And then she commented on what I was wearing, but it was an old sweatshirt she had seen plenty of times before and I never got that reaction out of her. I knew she was lying, but I just didn’t know why yet.

I had given Ira an article from the Sunday morning paper on David Koresh and asked her to read it. It was just telling about his many wives and his claims that he was Christ.

[I was not yet aware of the raid on the Branch Davidian compound by the federal agents, because Candy had kept me busy at her house in the country, and looking back, I am certain it was by direction of Bill and Ira.]

As Ira was reading the article, Bill seemed very nervous, and it was obvious to me that he was very much aware of that situation.

Afterwards, I let Candy read it and I asked her out of hearing range of Bill and Ira if she knew what spirit David Koresh operated under. She said, “No.” And I said, “The spirit of antichrist, the same spirit that is here.” She didn’t say anything, but she looked at me kind of funny.

I would like to mention that I said many things this night that I did not fully understand or realize the ramifications of until later, and I am still gaining insight on many things pertaining to all of this.

While we were waiting to get started singing, I spoke to Wendell and said, “I see the adversary hasn’t kept you away tonight.” And he said, “Not that he hasn’t tried.” And I said, “Well, I am very glad to see you tonight.”

And then I spoke to Thomas and I said, “I am very glad to see you, too.” And I patted him on the arm. (This was a very unusual way for me to be talking, but I really didn’t think much of all this until later.)

This is some of the words to the song we were singing when the Lord God interrupted our meeting, and it has been my prayer for some time now.


Arise O God, let your enemies scatter.

Arise O God, let your enemies scatter.

For You are exalted King of all the earth!

Riding high above the heavens!

Your name shall be praised in the mighty gates of Zion!

Your kingdom shall reign forever! And ever!

This was the night that the Lord God Almighty answered my prayer and made His presence known in our midst in such a mighty way! These are the people that were present that night of 28 February 1993: Bill, Ira, Thomas, Candy, Kim, Wendell, me and my husband, our children, their children; and the Holy Spirit of the Lord God Almighty!

I am not sure at what point we were at in the song, but all of a sudden I started praying in the Spirit as the Holy Spirit gave me utterance. Then my hands were suddenly thrust up into the air, and I felt as if the Lord God above was pouring Himself into me while my hands shook uncontrollably. (My husband later told me that I did not appear to be shaking at all.)

There was such an anger and rage and hostility coming from my mouth; and I got so loud that I was drowning out the music. So after a while they decided to quit playing the musical instruments. (Bill plays the guitar, Ira the keyboard, and Candy and Kim the tambourines.)

Just to give you a feel for the atmosphere, my husband had a fire going, but it wasn’t cold enough so he had the doors and a window open. So while the Lord was pouring out His wrath and indignation through me, it was not limited to just the confines of my living room. It was also for the prince of the power of the air to hear.

This went on for a little while and then I stood up and abruptly walked to the front of the fireplace where Bill usually sat to teach. I turned to face everyone with my hands still held high in the air, and still speaking in the Spirit, then I suddenly stopped!

There was a dead silence in the room and every eye was on me. As I brought my hands down directly in front of me, I made a sweeping motion to the sides as if to say, enough!

The first intelligible words out of my mouth were, “Oh, Jesus, You are so beautiful!” At that moment, it was as though I just melted to the ground, and then I bowed down and put my face to the floor. At that point I began praising the Lord, and giving Him honor and all glory and thanksgiving.

I told Him that I am nothing without Him, and anything that I have that is worth having is because of Him. I told Him that I love and adore Him and that He alone is my Lord and master.

After that, I lifted my face up from the ground and saw that everyone was staring at me. I started to get somewhat nervous and I began to mumble something about how I didn’t like to be the center of attention and how this really wasn’t like me at all. Bill interrupted and said, “Well, give the interpretation.” I was intimidated for maybe a fraction of a second, and I just closed my eyes and said very firmly, “I will.”

Usually I was very intimidated by both Bill and Ira, but this night was different. There was such a boldness about me that I was actually intimidating to both of them! In fact, there had been a fear growing in them for some time now that I didn’t really understand until after this night and the subsequent confrontational meeting we had on 2 March 1993.

It would have been nice to have gotten this prophecy of 28 February 1993 on tape, but it didn’t matter. On 7 May 1993, the Lord brought everything that was addressed that night back to my memory almost exactly word for word. As I spoke these words, it was quite different. It was more in love and compassion, but with much boldness and conviction.


“Many things you have been taught here have been done in secrecy and in darkness.” I said this as I was looking at the congregation. “You have been taught truth mixed with lies, and the Lord says it will go on no longer!”

I looked at Bill and said, “And you are the one who has taught the lies, and the Lord says it will go on no longer in this home. And the Lord is giving you a chance to turn from your sin. And He is so forgiving that He will not hold your sin against you if you repent. And if you do not, you will die!”

While pointing at my husband I said, “And he is my husband.” Then I looked at my husband and said, “I love him with a love that cannot be broken.” Looking back at Bill, I said, “I love you too, but with a brotherly love. And I beg you to repent!”

Then I looked back at everyone and said, “Everything you have learned here has been tainted with evil, and you can’t hold on to any of it. The only thing that you can hold on to is the fact that Jesus Christ died for you, and by His mighty power, God raised Him from the dead. And if you believe that in your heart, and claim Him as Lord, He will put the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead inside of you to lead you and guide you into the truth!

Light will overshadow darkness, and darkness will not be able to stand in the presence of God!”

{End of prophecy}

Just for the record I want to make it abundantly clear that I am absolutely against the Charismatic / Pentecostal” movements, and anything to do with being “slain in the spirit.” That is not what happened to me on the night of 28 February 1993. It was more akin to the prophecy of Joel 2:28.

I would like to share an endnote from my book “Walking With the Enemy,” the Victory Edition. Please prayerfully consider these words:

“(124) The definitive truth: To help the reader of this book to better understand the great danger of being involved with people who actually belong to the devil, and are serving him, I would like to share an excerpt from a message that I heard on the Internet. The preacher made the following statement to his congregation on Father’s Day, Sunday, 15 June 2014. The context of his sermon was his “private interpretation” of 1 Corinthians 13, and his view of prophecy, tongues, and why people need the ‘baptism in the Holy Spirit.’

He said, and I quote:
‘We all are looking through a glass darkly. All of us…You can still see, but when someone starts drawing lines and saying it is the definitive truth, then be careful. Because there are very few definitive truths in the Bible.

There’s a lot of mystical stuff…God says, I’ll use whatever I need to use, and do whatever I need to do. He’s going to use the things that are just the oddest, the craziest, He’s going to use people you think shouldn’t be used…’

I find it interesting that this pastor would do a sermon on the need to experience the ‘baptism in the Holy Spirit’ on Father’s Day. I am sure he was quite aware of the Brownsville Revival (aka Pensacola Outpouring), which took place on Father’s Day, 18 June 1995, at Brownsville Assembly of God Church in Pensacola, Florida.

Reportedly, more than four million people attended services at Brownsville from its inception in 1995 to when it ended about five years later. The services included ‘praise and worship music’ and some preaching. The highlights were the altar calls, where people were encouraged to come to the front to get ‘right with God.’

The minister would ‘lay hands’ on them, while another person stood behind the person being ‘preyed’ upon to catch them when they fell backward. (Pun intended.) Untold thousands hit the ground during the course of that revival, where they either thrashed about or were prostrate on the floor as if in a coma, for hours at a time.

The ‘revivals’ in Pensacola, Toronto, Azusa Street in L.A., and other so-called ‘moves of God’ are all directly linked to the same antichrist spirit that was present in Bill’s ministry, and is also present in other charismatic / Pentecostal churches.

The ‘Toronto Blessing,’ aka the “laughing revival,” began on 20 January 1994, and was characterized by extremely bizarre manifestations such as uncontrolled laugher, jerking all over, falling down and passing out, shaking violently, roaring like a lion, barking like a dog, and other very odd and crazy behavior, all of which was reminiscent and hauntingly similar to what took place at the ‘Azusa Street revivals.’

The Azusa Street meetings began on 14 April 1906, and they were considered the ‘birth of the Pentecostal movement.’ Consider this firsthand report about what took place at the Azusa Street gatherings in September 1906:

‘… they cry and make howling noises all day and into the night. They run, jump, shake all over, shout to the top of their voices, spin around in circles, fall out on the sawdust blanketed floor jerking, kicking and rolling all over.

Some of them pass out and do not move for hours as though they were dead. These people appear to be mad, mentally deranged or under a spell. They claim to be filled with the Spirit…

Their preacher who stays on his knees much of the time with his head hidden between the wooden milk crates—he doesn’t talk very much, but at times he can be heard shouting, ‘Repent!’ And he’s supposed to be running the thing...

They repeatedly sing the same song, ‘The Comforter Has Come.’”

Advocates of these revivals claim that they have received a ‘touch from God,’ but regardless of what they say about it, or what they call it, I am certain that all of it is of the devil! And God’s people need to have nothing to do with it!

I am greatly concerned that so many people, particularly our youth, are being led away by smooth-talking ministers, who are luring them to their charismatic churches and events.

Please be warned, the practice of being ‘slain in the Spirit’ is Satanic in nature, and the spirit behind this so-called ‘baptism in the Holy Spirit’ is not the Spirit of God, but is the ‘spirit of antichrist!’

Satan is alive and well, and the ‘angel of light’ continues to be invited into so many of the churches by unwary ministers, and a people that is sound asleep. These ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ are walking about seeking whom they may devour, and this is the ‘season’ that all God’s people need to be so wary!

Even though the body and soul of Vernon Howell was violently removed from this earth over twenty years ago, the spirit of antichrist that was inside of him still lives on in the hearts of some deceived and wicked men! And that is the definitive truth!”

End of Excerpt from “Walking With the Enemy,” by C. Read

It is my greatest pleasure to share my testimony with whomsoever would like to receive it, so please let me know if you would like a complimentary copy.

For all those "Real Christians" out in the world, may we be willing, as we are led by the Holy Spirit, to boldly proclaim the truth of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer!

"Go ye therefore and teach all nations; Baptizing them in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."

And may Almighty God bless and keep you and your loved ones as you walk with Him in the True Light of His holy word!

With the love of Christ,
C. Read


Walking With the Enemy A Testimony by C. Read

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